1984 “Prize Egualia” for the documentary “Our God is a Woman”, Stockholm, Sweden.
1985 “Prize Nord/Sud” for the documentary “Before the Catastrophy”, Genève, Switzerland.
1989 Selected to represent Sweden in the “Imput” Festival for the movie”Martyrs”.
1990 “Award for the best Drama of the year” for the movie “Martyrs”, Stockholm, Sweden.
1991 “The Belgian Film Award” for the movie “The Escape”, Brussels, Belgium.
1996 “The Jury Special Prize for Best Film” in the International Film Festival for the movie “The Freedom Gang”, Delhi, India.
1996 “IMA Best First Motion picture Award”, Paris, France, for “The Freedom Gang”.
1997 “Negib Mahfouz prize for best first film”, Cairo, Egypt, for “The Freedom Gang”.
2010 “Prize Egualia” for “Not like my sister “, Stockholm, Sweden.
2010 “Honorary Prize YCWA” , Lebanon. For my women’s involvement.
2010 “Honorary Prize Notre Dame University”, Lebanon “for depicting the little man wherever in the world”.