List of films directed by, Leyla Assaf-Tengroth

Titel Year Distribution
Habitat (3 short films for the UN Habitat conference in Vancouver-Canada) 1976 United Nations
“As all the other white people”  Documentary, 60 min, about what batswana people think of the swedish expatriates living and working in their country. 1977 SIDA, Swedish International Development Authority, Sweden.
Right help for Botswana? Documentary, 60 min. About how the swedish cooperation in Botswana is not really helping  the poor people. 1978 SVT(Swedish Television) NRK (Norway) DR (Denmark)
African Tales (5 short films for children.) 1978 SVT (Swedish Television)
Nuclear power stations in  Europe. Documentary, 60 min, about nuclear plants in France, England and Germany. My part was the french power stations. 1979 SVT (Swedish Television)
Where do you come from and where are you going to? Documentary, 60 min, about the christian minority in Turkey. There is an important number of christian/turkish expatriates in Sweden. 1980 SVT(Swedish Television) and many NGOs working with immigrants.
Hitten by the Uranium. Documentary 40 min, about the effects of the radiation from the uranium mines in Limousin, France. 1980 SVT(Swedish Television) NRK(Norway) DR(Denmark)
Water, development and womens oppression. Documentary, 40 min, about a  project of water drilling in Sidi Bouzid,Tunisia and its impact on the negatif developement of the  womens situation in the region. 1980 SVT(Swedish Television) et SIDA (Swedish International Development Authority).YLE (Finnish Television)
The infected mountain. Documentary, 40 min, about the effects of the radioactive waste in Kvarntorp, Sweden 1981 SVT(Swedish Television)
A revolution that got lost. Documentary, 40 min, about a  coup d’état in Guinée Bissau 1981 SVT(Swedish Television) YLE (Finnish Television), Portuguese television, et the french ministry of cooperation.
I am very fund of life Documentary, 30 min, about Amadou, a young handicapped boy making something god of his life in Bissau. 1981 SVT, and the organisation for the handicapped in Sweden.
Cesar and the Carnaval. Documentary, 25 min, about 4 years old Cesar, who make his own mask in order to be accepted in the Carnaval procession of Bissau. 1981 SVT and UR (Educational Radio and TV channel in Sweden.)
A music tour with MAMAJUMBO. Documentary, 40 min, about a guinean afro-pop music group. 1982 SVT
Amelia Maleng, a marketwoman. Documentary, 40 min, About Amelias life in Guinea Bissau, how it is to sell tomatoes in the market and how it is to  share the husband with 3 other women. 1982 SVT, YLE, NRK, DR, and the Portuguese TV.
The neutron bomb. Documentary, 25 min, about the neutron bomb in France, and the portrait of its creator. 1982 SVT, NRK, DR, YLE
Niania from Canjabaque, Documentary, 20 min, for children, about a little girl who lives in a matrilineal society in the archipelago of the Bijagos islands in Guinea Bissau. 1982 SVT,NRK,DR,YLE, The Dutch TV
Brain Drain. Documentary, 30 min, about the brain drain from the third world to the western countries as for example, France/Senegal 1983 SVT, NRK, DR, YLE.
Are you afraid to die grandma? Documentary, 30 min, for children. Charbel 13 years old travels from Sweden to Lebanon, a country in war, in order to visit his grand parents. 1983 SVT, NRK, DR, YLE.
Under occupation. Documentary, 30 min, about the effects of the war on the population in Tchad. 1983 SVT, NRK, DR, YLE.
Guinea Bissau and its donors. Documentary, 40 min, about the countries helping Guinea Bissau, and making a lot of money at the same time. 1983 SVT, NRK, DR, YLE. SIDA, (Swedish International Development Authority).
My Country Lebanon. Documentary, 60 min, about a meeting with 6 school mates during the war in Lebanon. Each one belonging to a different community. 1984 SVT, NRK, DR, YLE.
Our God is a woman. Documentary, 45 min, about the women’s role in a matrilineal society in the Bijagos islands of Guinea Bissau. 1984 This film has been distributed by SVT, it was sold to more than fifty different TV channels around the world. It has got the  “Prix Egualia”, Sweden, 1985
Tales from the Middle East. 1984 SVT, UR (the Swedish radio/TV educational channel.)
 4 short films of 20 min, each. “The three oranges” Lebanon. “The magic fish” Syria. “Little duck and the pyramids” Egypt. “Kariman and the Ghoul (giant)” Palestine.
The egyptian jews. Documentary, 20 min, about the situation of the Jews who remained in Egypt, after Gamal Abdel Nasser revolution. 1984 SVT.
”We will return to the other side of the Jordan river”.Documentary, 25 min, about the Palestinians refugees’ situation in Jordan. 1984 SVT, NRK, DR, YLE.
Children of war, children of peace. Documentary, 25 min, about children from Lebanon in war and children from peaceful Sweden. They give different answers to the same questions. 1984 SVT, and many swedish NGOs.
To fight is not a necessity. Documentary, 30 min, the  portrait and the philosophy of  professor Henri Laborit in Paris. 1984 SVT.
The death knocking at the door. Documentary, 30 min, about la the drought and its consequences in northern Mali. 1984 SVT, NRK, DR, YLE.
Before the catastrophy. Documentary, 45 min, about the peasants in Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Mauritania what they need in order to avoid famine. 1985 SVT, NRK, DR, YLE, This film has got the Nord/Sud price given by the United Nations in Geneva.
The Japanese in Europe. Documentary, 30 min, a critical picture of the Japanese firms who impose its system in Europe. The examples are from Normandy in France and Stockholm 1985 SVT, NRK, DR, YLE.
A 12 years old Swedish girl inAngola. Documentary, 25 min, about the adventures of little Janna in Angola. 1985 SVT, NRK, DR, YLE.
Massacres. Documentary, 15 min, about the fightings between FPLA and UNITA in Angola. 1985 SVT, YLE.
Africa’s Presidents. 1986 SVT, NRK, DR, YLE. And many swedish and international NGO.
6×20 min, portraits about 6 presidents presenting themselves their own countries. (Burkina Faso, Ethiopia, Congo, Lesotho, Mozambique, Somalia.)
AIDS and HIV in Africa. Documentary, 30 min, about the effects of the disease in Rwanda. 1986 SVT, NRK, DR, YLE. It was the first reportage who has been done about Aids in Africa. BBC, CNN, the Canadian TV, the Australian TV, the UN in Geneva and many others has been showing parts of the film or all of it.
If you bother me I hit you! Documentary, 20 min, about a 7 years old boy from the Lebanese war, and living in Sweden now. 1987 SVT, NRK, DR, YLE, UR (The school channel that has distributed the film in all the schools of Sweden.
Irak under bombs. 1987 SVT, NRK, DR, YLE.
Documentary, 30 min, about the war between Iraq and Iran and its impacts.
Veiled women. 1987 SVT, NRK, DR, YLE.
Documentary, 20 min, about Arabic women (Iraq, Lebanon) that are veiled and they explaining why they want to be.
Martyrs. 1988 SVT, NRK, DR, YLE, BBC, RAI2, Australian TV, USA, this film has got the price of the best drama-documentary of the year, from the Swedish daily newspaper  “Expressen” and it has been chosen to represent Sweden in the IMPUT Festival.
A TV fiction film, 78 min, and my first fiction. Its about a young Lebanese (martyr) girl, Nadia, and how and why she ended up giving her life for the (cause).
The war is behind us. Documentary, 30 min, about 2 militias from the Lebanese war who are living in Sweden. One is Christian and the other is Muslim Palestinian, living in the same neighbourhood in Stockholm. 1988 SVT, NRK, DR, YLE.
Neighbours of the Desert. Documentary 25 min, about desertification in Senegal and what they are doing to stop it. 1988 SVT.
Aids in Guinea Bissau. Documentary, 20 min, I was following a nurse who went from a village to another  meeting people, taking care of the sick ones and informing about Aids and its danger. 1989 SVT, SIDA (Swedish International Development Authority).
A small village in a bigproject. 1989 SVT, ASDI.
Documentary 20 min, in the village of Mandingara(Guinea Bissau), where the peasants learn to be auto-sufficient.
Festival in Ouagadougou. Reportage, 15 min, about the film festival and how it has become such a big event for the whole country. 1989 SVT.
Grasshoppers as rain. 1989 SVT.
Reportage, 15 min, about the grasshopper’s invasion and its effects in Senegal.
Aristides Pereira, president ofCapo Verde. A portrait, 15 min. 1989 SVT.
“Their waste in our country” Reportage about how certain European countries (Norway, Switzerland, Germany) has thrown their chemical wastes in Guinea Conakry and Guinea Bissau. 1989 SVT, NRK, DR, YLE.
The escape. 1990 SVT, UR(The Swedish educational channel).
A Tele-film fiction,  60 min, about a 11 years old boy who escapes from the war in Soudan.
Amélia. 1991 SVT, NRK, DR, YLE.
Tele-film (fiction) 90 min, about a young Guinean woman who has a Portuguese father and her searching for her identity.
Which peace for Lebanon? Documentary 25 min, about the Taëf agreement and its consequences for the future of the country. 1991 SVT, NRK, DR, YLE.
The Gulf war. (in Iraq). Documentary 20 min, about the effects of the war in Iraq. 1991 SVT, NRK, DR, YLE.
Six young people in Lebanon.  Documentary 30 min, about 6 youngsters from different religious and ethnic groups and how they look at their future. 1992 SVT, NRK, DR, YLE.
Workwa Moges, woman from Ethiopia. 1992 SVT, NRK, DR, YLE.
Documentary 30 min, about Workwa and her family and how her life changed after the hunger catastrophe in Ethiopia.
White farmers; Black farmers. Reportage about the different type of life between the races in Zimbabwe despite all the years of independence. 1992 SVT.
Aids in Zimbabwe. 1992 SVT, NRK, DR, YLE.
Documentary, 20 min, about aids disease and its effects on women.
Majur. 1993
Documentary for children about  Majur, 9 years, handicapped, living with his family in Bombay, India.
Mandira and Otul, citizens of 1993 SVT, NRK, DR, YLE.
 Documentary 25 min, a portrait of a woman and a man living in the slums of Calcutta and the dignity they have in their way of living.
After the destruction of Ajodhya. Reportage 15 min, about the war between religions and its consequences in Bombay, India. 1993 SVT.
Leprosy. 1994 SVT, NRK, DR, YLE.
Documentary about the leprosy disease in Ethiopia with its 40000 leprous and the research that the Swedish cooperation wants to stop, by ceasing to subvention it and the consequences’.
The freedom Gang. 1994 The distribution of this film has got a list for itself.
First movie fiction film, 96 min, about Sheika, a 10 years old girl leading a street gang in Beirut just before the end of the war.
Ben Nehian, Prince of Abu Dhabi. 1994 SVT, NRK, DR, YLE.
Documentary, 25 min, the portrait of the prince and its country.
Aids in Tanzania. 1994 SVT, NRK, DR, YLE and many other Swedish NGOs.
Reportage, 20 min, about the consequences of the disease on the children and how entire villages have lost its inhabitants because of Aids.
Genocide in Rwanda. 1994 SVT, NRK; DR, YLE.
A series of reportages about the massacre of Tutsis in Rwanda.
Iraq under sanctions. 1994 SVT.
Reportage about the effects of the sanctions on the people of Iraq.
The little girl, the Mouse and the Elephant. 1995 SVT, UR, and many other Swedish NGOs.
 A fiction film, 30 min, about a 7 years old Ethiopian girl who has learned how to stand up against the big boys who are trying to frighten her.
In the name of God. 1995 SVT, NRK, DR, YLE, RAI 2, and many Swedish NGOs.
Documentary 30 min, about the excision of the little girls in Ethiopia and its consequences.
The mines that kills. 1995 SVT, NRK, DR, YLE and many Swedish NGOs.
Documentary about a 6 years old Angolan boy who has lost both his legs when he stepped on a mine.
One Dollar with or without Condom. 1996 SVT, NRK, DR, YLE, RAI, and many Swedish NGOs.
Documentary 40 min, about the young prostitutes in Addis Ababa who are selling their bodies in order to survive.
The weapon that kills. 1996 SVT, NRK, DR, YLE, and many Swedish NGOs.
Documentary 45 min, about the sanctions effects in Iraq.
Hezbollah. Reportage, 20 min, about the Hezbollah milis in Lebanon. 1996 SVT, TV4 (a Swedish commercial TV channel).
The Jews in Syria. A short documentary, 20 min, about the situation of the jews in Syria. 1996 SVT.
I don’t hear you! Documentary, 40 min, about womens rebellion against mens oppression in Nicaragua. 1997 SVT, NRK, DR, YLE, SIDA (Swedish International Development Authority) and many other Swedish NGOs.
The other side of the mountain. Documentary, 45 min, about the Palestinian refugees and their situation in Lebanon. 1997 SVT, NRK, DR, YLE, and many other Swedish NGOs.
We refuse excision. Reportage, 15 min, about the Senegalese womens rebellion against excision. 1998 TV4, UNICEF and other Swedish NGOs.
I don’t change the world but…Reportage, 20 min, about a young Swedish girl who works as a volonteer in Baddaoui, a Palestinian  refugee camp in northern Lebanon. 1998 SVT, and some Swedish NGOs.
PKK and the Kurdish children. Reportage, 20 min, about a groupe of Kurdish children living in Sweden who was kidnapped by the PKK guerilla to serve the cause. 1998 TV4.
An eleven old years prisonner tells…A reportage, 15 min, from Port au Prince about children who are imprisonned without trial… 1999 TV4
Have you seen my white goat? A short fiction, 15 min, for children, about a little Haitian girl who wants to find her father and thinks that the goat knows where he is. 1999 SVT.
A prayer for peace. Reportage, 15 min, from Liberia about the effects of the war and how soldiers are learning to work for peace. 1999 TV4.
Children soldiers. 15 min, portraits of young boys who have become soldiers in the Liberian civil war. 1999 TV4
Democracy in Kenya. Documentary, 40 min, about the Ogiecks, a minority living in the Rift Valley, and their struggling in a peaceful way, for the right to keep their tribal land.. 2000 SIDA SVT (Kunskapskanalen) and the Kenyan Television (channel 2).
Iraq and the effects of the sanctions on the children. Reportage, 15 min, about the children dying because of the sanctions. 2000 TV4, and some Swedish NGOs.
Just a valley between us. A reportage of 10 min, for children about a little Syrian girl living i Golan. Her grandma is also living in Golan, but on the other side of the border to Israel. Every sunday, she goes to the top of the hill to talk to her grandma who is on the top of the opposing hill… 2000 SVT.
“They have let us down”. Documentary, 30 min, About Guinea Bissau, left down by its former dear friend Sweden. 2001 SVT, NRK, DR, YLE and many Swedish NGOs.
“The sand is eating our home”. Documentary, 30 min, about the desertification in Mauretania. 2001 SVT, NRK, DR, YLE and some Swedish NGOs.
The stone-throwing boy. Documentary, 25 min, about a 13 years old Palestinian boy who lives in Bethleem. Every day after school, he goes to the wall with his friends and throws stones on the Israeli soldiers. 2001 SVT, TV4 and some Swedish NGOs.
The principal actress. A 30 min, short fiction about what happened to the little girl who played as the principal actress in the moovie film “The freedom Gang”. 2002 SVT, NRK, DR, YLE.
The new Beirut and the old Beirut. Documentary, 20 min, about the reconstraction of the city of Beirut critically presented by the writer and journalist May Menassah.. 2002 SVT, NRK, DR, YLE.
The Talking drums. Reportage 15 min, about the slavery in Ghana, from the point of view of the historians. 2003 SVT, NRK, DR, YLE
“Agent Orange”. Reportage 30 min, about the effects of the herbicide that American army spread over Southern Vietnam during the Vietnam war, 30 years later. 2003 SVT, NRK, DR, YLE
”I have got the virus” Reportage, 15 min, about Emma, a 7 years old girl from Mozambique, who is born with the HIV virus. 2004 SVT
The Saudi Arabians in Lebanon. Reportage, 20 min, about Saoudi Arabians buying lands and changing the character of the country. 2004 SVT
Bam the ghost town. Documentary 30 min, about the effects of the earthquake in Bam, one year later, The town is situated in the northern part of Iran. 2005 SVT
“A bull and a square house with a sheet-metal roof”. Documentary, 40 min, about Workwa Moges, 20 years after the hunger catastrophy in Ethiopia, her dreams and her continuous struggle in order to survive with her family. 2005 SVT, NRK, DR, YLE
My country Lebanon. Documentary, 60 min, about my schoolmates 20 years later, with the countrys political tumult in the background. 2006 SVT,
Children from Southern Lebanon. 3 films (10 minutes each), about children from different villages in Southern Lebanon after the Israeli/Hezbollah war during the summer of 2006. 2007 UR, the Swedish educational TV channel.
“Not like my syster”. Documentary, 60 min, about forced marriage and the crime of honnor. The film is about a young girl Dalida who refused to obey anf finally could get married on her own terms. 2008 SVT, Belgian TV, (Many other countries and TV channels have asked to get a copy of the film, many might buy it.
The struggle for a second chance: A documentary, 55 minutes, about the situation of the christian Iraqi refugees.The family Alkisa was persecuted in Irak, they fled to Lebanon. The film is about their life as refugees in a country where they are not welcome. 2011 Première in Södertälje/Sweden. Beirut/Lebanon.Participation in Cannes festival 2012 and Première in Paris, autumn 2012.
In preparation: A movie film about 3 women living between Lebanon during the war and Sweden.
In preparation:” Our God is a Woman”. I want to go back to the Bijagos Islands in West Africa, to see what happened to the matrilinear society 20 years later. A 60 min, documentary ready 2013.
In preparation: A movie film Marina, based on an ancient legend from about 700-900 AD, telling the story of a young girl Marina who lived in the Kadisha Valley in Northern Lebanon and how she became a saint.